product review disclaimer

Like other bloggers, I have decided to present a full disclosure of my policy regarding product reviews.

The hemorrhoid tips and hemorrhoid product reviews presented on this web site are provided as a courtesy to others. I do believe that the information I present here is accurate and should be helpful, but I make no guarantees as to its applicability, or adequacy. I may receive a commission on some products sold here. I may not have experience with all the products mentioned on my website. Products and techniques mentioned here may not be appropriate or adequate for your needs. If you choose to rely on information presented on this website, you do so at your own risk.

* The products I review on the blog, are not obtained for free.

* I will not give favorable reviews to a product that does not align with my personal convictions.

* I do not accept money for reviewing products however I may receive compensation if an item sells from my blog.

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