Best Hemorrhoids Diet

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)

Best Hemorrhoids Diet

There are more diets than people, at-least it seems that way.
The unfortunate fact is that no matter what diet you may be on, it is unlikely it will help with your hemorrhoids due to
the hidden fiber in most everything we eat.

It reminds me of an old sci-fi move. The future….. everyone eats a miracle food called soylent green.
a dystopian future of dying oceans and greenhouse effect, poverty, overpopulation and depleted everything (except people).
Well it turns out that “Soylent Green is people!”

You see, no matter what diet, you will get much more fiber then you ever realize.
Now… I know most believe that fiber is all great, all knowing, all wonderful, just don’t look behind the curtain.

Lets look at why fiber may be killing you.

Insoluble fiber always passes through our intestines largely intact while soluble fiber forms a gel when mixed with liquids.
Fiber is removed by excretion from our bodies and cannot be digested. We DO NOT have the enzymes to break-down fiber.

Tales of the great Fiber is at best a half truth. If you want the deadly truth about fiber see the free book “colo-rectal reboot”.

We have been sold that fiber Helps maintain regularity and prevent constipation, fiber is recognized as a top food ingredient to normalize bowels and improve all aspects of colon function. Unfortunately it is far from true and causes most of the problems rather then help alleviate them.

Many studies on disease and population have found that industrialized nations such as America, have diets high in fiber and low in vitamins and minerals. Known as

the SAD diet (standard American diet) incidences of colon cancer, diverticulitis and appendicitis to name a few are common. Whereas nations with low fiber diets (such as Japan) these problems are VERY low.

Since fiber is a bulking agent, it should not be added to your daily hemorrhoid diet or any diet for that matter. Fiber provides a feeling of satisfaction because it swells, causing many problems including large stool.

This is another half truth.
Fiber also has an unexpected benefit; its ability to stabilize blood sugar and also curb the desire to pick and eat between meals. In other words, fiber may help you eat less. This is very beneficial in any weight-loss program and hemorrhoids diet…. NOT!

What really happens:  Lets say you sit down to a nice big bowl of sugar,  the blood absorbs all of the sugar as soon as it reaches the small intestine. Now lets add a some fiber into that bowl of sugar, the fiber will now first clog the stomach (why you feel full longer). Second, it will partially block absorption of the sugar and will extend the time the sugar takes to get into the blood.

But as soon as your stomach is able to move this growing mass of fiber out, the blood will still absorb exactly the same bowl of sugar. So if you are diabetic, you will require an extended  insulin (type 1 diabetes) or larger doses for type 2 diabetes to put up with slow-digesting sugars. This in turn tricks your test meter by showing your blood glucose test will not spike as high after the meal.

Why A High Fiber Diet, Is Always Wrong!

Why a hemorrhoids diet will play the role of both hemorrhoids prevention and hemorrhoids recovery?

Everyone knows a good diet is important for a healthy lifestyle, but why is it important when it concerns a hemorrhoid diet? The answer lies within the gastrointestinal tract.
While the colon, rectum, anus and anal sphincter are complex they depend on you and what you put in to your body to prevent problems from developing.
Everyone has “hemorrhoidal cushions” within the anal canal itself.
These cushions swell and shrink depending on what is needed to expel a bowel movement. These hemorrhoidal cushions are fed with blood from the abdomen.
And yes, a hemorrhoid is the result of forcing too much blood into these cushions through excessive muscle pressure from the abdomen, as well as forcing large and small dry stools past them. If a vein wall gets stretched so far that it can’t contract again, the wall starts to collapse out into the surrounding tissue, thus causing a hemorrhoid. This is why excessive straining from constipation or diarrhea directly leads to hemorrhoids.

What Constitutes A Good Hemorrhoids Diet?

A healthy hemorrhoids diet should have between 3 and 5 grams of fiber per day, any more then that you may cause large stool from fibers bulking.  Keep hydrated, but not over hydrated, the infamous 8 cups of water means total of everything you drink, not 8 water, 4 coffee, 3 gator-aid, etc.. But be warned more than 3 to 5 grams of fiber per day in your hemorrhoids diet is too much for the average person and could start robbing moisture from the body in addition to causing constipation problems (opposite of what you may believe). Note* Excessive water also causes constipation.

Benefits of Insoluble and Soluble Fiber for the Hemorrhoids Diet
These are more half truths. If you want the deadly truth about fiber see the free colo-rectal book.

Insoluble fiber can prevent colon cancer by keeping an optimal pH within the intestines and preventing microbes from creating cancerous substances.

Small amounts of fiber may be  “good bacteria food” it feeds the gut flora, but to much causes excess gasses and kills the gut flora.

Promote regular bowel movement and prevent constipation and move bulk through the intestines, remove toxic waste through the colon in less time.
This is totally untrue. See “Everything You Never Wanted To know About Stools” in the Colo-rectal Reboot book.

The Truth
Fiber slows down your “digestive process,” because it totally interferes with digestion in the stomach. Then it clogs the intestines.

Delayed digestion causes so many problems. To name a few: indigestion, heartburn, ulcer, gastritis and enteritis (inflammation of the mucosal membrane), constipation, ulcerative colitis, Crohn‘s and IBS. Fiber is deadly in the long run.

Where is fiber found?

There are many foods that have fiber that you might not be aware of.  Look at that prepackaged food label, do you see an ingredient listed as “cellulose?” Cellulose is fundamentally wood pulp, and it’s used widely in prepackaged foods as a filler, stabilizer, and or to boost “fiber” content.  Cellulose is also used to improve the texture of many items and drinks such as milkshakes. If your nutrition facts label lists “dietary fiber,” chances are the product contains cellulose. Cellulose provides structure and strength to cell walls of plants and provides fiber in our diets. Although some animals can digest cellulose, humans cannot. Cellulose falls into the category of indigestible carbohydrates known as dietary fiber.

Fiber is so pervasive that it is even found within cheese, many shredded cheeses are coated with cellulose to repel moisture, drinks, sauces, ice cream, snacks, etc..  There are also many names that sound obscure, but they contain fiber. For example, fiber is found in pectin, guar gum, І-glucans, agar-agar, carrageen, hemicellulose, lignin, polylos, psyllium, polydextrose, resistant dextrin, inulin, lignin, oligofructose, fructooligosaccharides to name a few.
The names listed above are all made in the factory from wood pulp, cotton, seaweed, skins, tubers, seeds, husks, and other high-yield plants that can’t be consumed by humans, unless they are highly processed.
Really, the only way to avoid fiber is to check the food labels very carefully. If you don’t know the name of the ingredient, then you should avoid it. As such, it’s best to eat real food that is unprocessed.

Sources of Fiber to avoid for Hemorrhoids Diet

Soluble Fiber
• Oat/Oat bran
• Dried beans and peas
• Nuts
• Barley
• Flax seed
• Fruits such as oranges and apples
• Vegetables such as carrots
• Psyllium husk

Insoluble Fiber to avoid for Hemorrhoids Diet
• Vegetables such as green beans and dark green leafy vegetables
• Fruit skins and root vegetable skins
• Whole-wheat products
• Wheat bran
• Corn bran
• Seeds & Nuts

Protect yourself, live stronger and possibly longer with this simple hemorrhoids diet.
If you design your hemorrhoids diet well, using low or no fiber, you’ll both enjoy eating and enjoy a myriad of beneficial effects.

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